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An unlimited Internet plan. Your Internet connection speed should be at least 2.5 MB per second for SD, and for HD channels it should be at least 10 MB. You can test your connection speed on this page: http://telebox.us.com/Speedtest.aspx 

There are several test servers that you can choose. You can test the connection speed to the server by selecting the region where you live.  If you achieve a positive result on one of the servers, then your connection speed should be sufficient for the service. Ideally, you should test the connection speed several times. If the repeated results differ from each other by only a slight degree (5-10%), then your connection is stable and you should not experience any viewing interruptions. Results that differ by more than 10-15% indicate that there are server connection problems. In such situations "TeleBox" does not guarantee stable viewing conditions and recommends that you contact your ISP for advice. The stability of your viewing experience may also be affected by a number of programs that can place a heavy load on your Internet and network equipment, such as BitTorrent downloading and online games. 

To watch content on your TV, you need our set-top box. You can purchase the set-top box at "TeleBox" sales offices or from dealers listed on our website. 
Our set-top box can work over wireless and wired networks.
To connect it to the Internet, you may need to change your Internet router setting using a computer.  Subsequently, you may also need a computer to analyze connection interference.
When watching content on a computer, make sure your machine satisfies the minimum technical requirements: 2GHz processor, at least 1GB of RAM, and a graphics card with at least 64MB of memory. 
Tested operating systems: Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Mac OS X 10.6 or above, Linux with kernel v2.6 or above. 


Technical support service:

1 347-394-1616

"TeleBox" can be watched simultaneously on three devices using the same external IP address. This feature is available when you purchase the "Multiroom" package. To enable this functionality, you need only one username and password. This package only works under the condition that all three devices are connected to the same Internet access point. This means that all the devices use the same password and must be connected to the Internet through the same modem or router. If during playback you enter the same username and password on a device that is connected to another Internet connection, then the signal will be dropped on the first connection when establishing the second one.

We provide equipment setup services within a 50-mile radius of our office in: North Hollywood, CA,New York,NY  USA for an additional fee as well as in all cities in Israel with the exception of Eilat. TeleBox is constantly expanding its coverage area for the convenience of its customers. And we would also like to remind you that if you have any questions, you can always contact our technical support by phone:

1 347-394-1616

Our support service will be able to explain to you in a step-by-step fashion how to set up the equipment. Our dealers also provide equipment setup services for a fee. You will be able to agree on the cost of the service before it is performed.

You do not need to buy a second or third Subscription just to watch the service on more devices in your home. To watch "TeleBox" on a second TV, you need to select the "Multiroom" package at the time of purchase.

Of course, we provide this function. It allows you to delay the broadcast from between 1 to 12 hours. This will allow you to adjust when you watch programming with respect to your time zone.

The company is headquartered in the United States: 1701 Sheepshead Bay Rd Brooklyn, NY 11235

The managers of "TeleBox" unfortunately are not available to talk directly with customers. However, they always appreciate your suggestions. Send your message to our email address admin@telebox.us.com with the subject line "To the management team" or by mail. And we will be sure to review your message.

Unfortunately, you cannot add channels yourself. However, you can send your suggestions for adding a channel by sending a message to our e-mail address admin@telebox.us.com with the subject "Recommended channels". We will review your suggestions and analyze the demand for the proposed channel. 

We reserve the right to modify the list of TV channels, though we avoid abusing this right. Our company constantly collects and analyzes statistics about the most popular and least popular channels. We may decide to add new channels to a package. New channels will appear on your receiver automatically.

If you discover a defect within 14 days of receipt of your set-top box, you will have the option of returning the box for a free exchange. If you purchased the set-top box less than two years ago, you can have it repaired under warranty. If you purchased your set-top box from a dealer, then you must first contact them to help you with an exchange. If the dealer does not want or is unable to replace your set-top box, then please contact the "TeleBox" technical support service at our hotline  1 347-394-1616. Our representatives would be happy to help you and give you further instructions. If the set-top box was purchased more than two years ago, then you can contact the "TeleBox" technical support service and arrange for a paid repair. Please note that the repair assessment and shipping costs will be billed to your account regardless of whether the unit can be repaired or not.


If you ordered an annual subscription with monthly withdrawals from a credit card or checking account, the annual subscription shall begin the day that you ordered service.

If you are paying by check, the subscription will start the day that funds are credited to our account.

The most convenient way to renew your subscription online is on your account. If you have arranged automatic withdrawals from your account or card and you specified the "auto renewal" option, then there is nothing more that you need to do. Your subscription will automatically renew for the next year.You can also renew your subscription for any period of time, from one month to one year, simply by calling our office or the dealer who sold you the set-top box.

You will select the payment method when ordering online. If you use a credit card, then your username and password will be visible in your account immediately. The username and password will be sent to the e-mail that you specified at the time of registration. You will receive your set-top box by the date that you chose when ordering. The number of days that it will take to receive your set-top box will depend on the price of the shipping option that you chose. When choosing to prepay, we will send you the username, password and the set-top box only after the funds are credited to our account.

The credit card data was only entered and verified after the order was placed with the payment method that you selected. So at first you received an order confirmation, but since some problem occurred when trying to process payment, your order was then canceled since it was unpaid. Try placing another order. If the order fails repeatedly, select another form of payment or contact customer support for help.

You can make changes to your account yourself. Or you can send a written notification of a change to your information to our e-mail address, or by mail, fax, or phone at 1 347-394-1616

If you ordered equipment, then the contract cancellation period starts when you receive the equipment.

The password that you enter on closed channels is the same as the one for your subscription. It can be changed to any other password using the code change function for the closed channels in the online player or using the set-top box by accessing the appropriate menu. It can be any number other than 0.

For starters, we recommend checking your connection speed to our servers at"TeleBox" on the page https://telebox.us.com/Speedtest.aspx
. If you are not able to connect to any of our servers at the normal speed, then the problem may be your Internet connection. If your connection speed is sufficient and you are still having problems, you need to contact technical support.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the "Video Library" service will operate fully on such older devices as the Dune HD TV-102 and Dune HD TV-101, because when these set-top boxes were released, the "Video Library" had not yet been devised and these set-top boxes were not designed to be used with it. However, despite a number of difficulties, we were able to make the "Video Library" work on these models, but we cannot guarantee full functionality due to a number of technical limitations. We recommend that you use one of the new set-top box models, which are available on our website.